Sash Screens For Windows: 4 Reasons To Choose Aluminium

Fitting screens to your windows is an effective and economical way to keep insects and other unwelcome animal guests out of your home, especially during the summer months. Sliding sash screens are even better, as they can be retracted when the windows are closed to let the maximum amount of natural light into your home. The vast majority of sliding window screens are made from either fibreglass or aluminium. While aluminium is the more expensive option, investing a little extra in your window screens is well worth it. Read More 

How Can You Protect Your Home Windows?

When fitting new windows and doors on your property, your first concern will be the appearance of the doors and windows. You will choose a design that enhances the appearance of your property. Apart from appearance, the most important consideration must be security. Doors and windows are the most likely entry points for any criminals seeking access to your property. Any door or window that can be opened, must be capable of being securely locked, but what else can you do? Read More