How Can You Protect Your Home Windows?

When fitting new windows and doors on your property, your first concern will be the appearance of the doors and windows. You will choose a design that enhances the appearance of your property. Apart from appearance, the most important consideration must be security. Doors and windows are the most likely entry points for any criminals seeking access to your property. Any door or window that can be opened, must be capable of being securely locked, but what else can you do? Sometimes, you need a custom security window or door that is designed specifically for your setting.

Options for a custom security window

If you need a custom security window, you will want to carefully consider whether some or all of the following options can ensure adequate protection for your property.

Stronger glass

Glass is a fantastic material for allowing people to see out of the window, but it isn't usually a secure material. It is often easy for a criminal to break the glass and enter your home even if all doors and windows are locked. By choosing to fit laminated impact-resistant glass, or, in a less critical situation, even just a security film over the glass, you can make it far more difficult for anyone to enter the building unobserved.

Locking handles

If you protect your custom security window by making the glass more difficult to break, a thief could try an alternative technique. By ensuring that the handles on your windows are locked into the closed position, you make it much more difficult for the window to be forced open.

Transparent bars

Fitting bars across your windows is an effective means of securing the window from intruders, but it also blocks the view, making the room feel more like a prison than a residential property. By choosing clear polycarbonate transparent bars for your windows, you can create a custom security window that is protected but still preserves the view.

A rigid security fixture

For situations where you must have the best security, a rigid metal security fixture across your custom security window is the best option. These fixtures can be custom-built to suit your home. They are secured on every side to offer maximum protection and fit rigidly into place over the window. To ensure that they do not negatively impact the appearance of your home, the metal security frames are available in a range of colours and styles. Your custom security window supplier will be able to provide more details on the security measures they can offer for your home.

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